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HR Consulting

Tvarita Consulting will work with organizations on need-based assignments in any one or more of our Service offerings as one-off Consulting engagements. As your HR consultant partner, we work with you to address organizational needs of strategic impact and importance; develop and deploy sound HR solutions and practices. Working with Tvarita, you gain, not only the execution capability of our high-caliber employees; support & expertise of our subject experts & senior HR consultants, access to the knowledge bank of the entire organization, bench-mark practices & processes and the top- notch advise provided by our Panel of Advisors – all enhanced by our bespoke approach.

  • We ensure client control by working with the Client in all stages
  • Committing to mutually agreed upon service levels
  • Documentation of delivery processes shared with the client
  • Periodic management meetings at agreed intervals
  • Provide flexible delivery model, to handle
  • customer at a mutually agreed upon date
  • Transferring the responsibility back to our customers at a mutually agreed upon date