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The Outsourced Model

With an ever-increasing focus on core business activities, outsourcing functions that enable and support the business is on the rise []. This is especially true of many organizations in the SME space.

In Outsourced model either the entire HR Function or specific activities of the function will continuously be run by a capable team from Tvarita Consulting, either onsite or off-shore depending on the depth and scale of the Engagement.

We work with you to identify areas of priority, where we can make you safer, where we can save you money or where we can improve the way your organization manages people issues.

This provides an opportunity for you

  • to have access to world-class support solutions,
  • receive services at a far more sophisticated level than provided by most internal departments and realize significant cost savings.

In either of the above two Engagement Models, Tvarita Consulting will also, if the Client desires, provide Senior HR presence for significant business activities viz. M&A Due Diligence activities, IPO Road- Shows etc. or business development activities.

Risk Mitigation and Retention of Control

We recognize and appreciate the need for Client to stay on top of their "outsourced" responsibilities or functions at all times and ensure that there is client control at all stages by

  • Working with the client at all stages
  • Committing to mutually agreed upon service levels
  • Documentation of delivery processes - shared with the client
  • Periodic - management meetings - at agreed upon intervals
  • Providing a flexible delivery model to handle customer specific requirements
  • Transferring the responsibility back to our customers - at a mutually agreed upon date, if desired