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Corporate Training - Soft Skills

Our Training Model

We work with organizations across industries viz. Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Banking, IT, ITES, Agricultural and Agri-products to develop meaningful Training interventions to address the needs of the organization and the profile of the participants.

Tvarita Consulting provides training solutions that are relevant to the organizations context and specializes in building caselets and role-plays that reflect the organization’s reality.

Designed as experiential workshops and supported with movies, videos and post-workshop support all our workshops have received an extremely positive

Our Model has the focus:

  • To deliver succinct relevant messages without making participants feel like they are back in school.
  • To show a link to job performance and a lasting return on investment through the use of detailed, simulated games & exercises, role-plays group-storming sessions, audio/video tools, critiques & analyses and building of personal action plans in line with real-life work-life requirements.
  • To address the exclusive needs of each one of our Clients. Significant pre-work is done by the team.
  • To "heighten" experience through use of Training Videos and Films.

Approach & Training Methodology

The workshops will be based on the Experiential learning model. Experiential learning occurs when a person engages in some activity, looks back at the activity critically, abstracts some useful insight from the analysis, and puts the result to work. A structured experience provides a framework in which the inductive process can be facilitated. Each experiential learning activity follows these steps:

Executive Coaching :

It is often that individuals find the need for a counselor – sometimes as a sounding board and sometimes as a mentor in career or business decisions and transitions. The sound experience of Tvarita Consulting at senior levels across industries enables us to provide individual counseling on significant career and business – both operational and strategic.

Our Training Offerings

Various Programs that we have significant expertise in, to offer to our clients are:

  • Transitioning into New Roles
  • Leadership Skills
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness Skills
  • Networking & Influencing skills
  • Group Dynamics and Collaboration
  • Delegation and Team Building
  • Acculturation - Business Etiquette, Multi-Cultural Teaming and Managing Diversity
  • Business Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Interviewing and Talent Assessments
  • Performance Assessment and Counseling Skills
  • Train-the-Trainer Program
  • Effective Customer Service Skills
  • Vocabulary Enhancement, Voice and Tone Modulation and Accent Neutralization
  • Equal Opportunities and Anti-Harassment Training
  • Women Specific Programs - A member on the Team, Leadership Skills etc..

Please visit “Our Journey” page to view the training programs we have conducted till date for our varied clients.

Case Study – Completed Assignment

A Pharma Leader in India

Our Client, a leader in India’s Pharma industry, approached us for conducting a Training Program on Advanced Communication Skills. This was to help facilitate better communication across various departments and expedite the process of application filing for drug patents in the US.

Our pre-training interactions highlighted the need for development of Influencing and Collaboration Skills in middle and senior management group.

Based on practical, real life situations and a study of few real life processes, participants were able to separate process related issues from people related issues.

Participants presented a list of action points for consideration and implementation by the company. They also developed sufficient awareness on how to influence others for a positive outcome and for the importance of working collaboratively.

Around 30 Managers involved in the process were trained in two batches.


The same client approached us for conducting Leadership Development Programs for their Middle Level Managers, based on their Corporate Leadership model. The objectives were to:

  • Help managers gain an understanding of the basic concepts of Leadership
  • Acquire a better understanding of self and how one performs as a leader
  • Build high performance teams
  • Achieve stretch goals

Three batches totaling to 48 Managers, have undergone the first module training till date.